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Record Riffing

It started with a tweet: Here is a new, awesome take on @reclaimhosting‘s logo–a GIF! @BryanMMathers you rule! — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) April 22, 2016 Then Alan: Spinning Albums from Reclaim Records made this: Which was asking for a gif: This was a little quick and dirty, it used my original Dancing Jim from … Continue reading “Record Riffing”

DS106 GiF TV Needs You

I don’t think I am going to make many of my targets for credits in prisoner106 this week. Friday and I’ve not watched any of the footage yet. I’ve stayed in my Village apartment watching the DV. More specifically DS106 Gif TV. I though it might be time to write a bit here about that. […]

Slow Subterranean Blues

  Think that I might need some credits this week as I need some digging tools from the store. So I had a look through the assignment bank and found this: ds106 Assignments: Sound to Visual with 3 credits. Using creations you have already completed in #ds106 – select an audio project you were happy […]

Week Four Review: Design

My ideas around escape or rather not attempting to escape seem to be reflected in the surveillance tapes we were directed to watch this week. Number six seems to be more involved in Village Life and made fewer attempts to escape. My own week reflected this, I got out a bit more and continued to […]

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Hi Kathy,
Thanks, delightful comment. Some things in there that must have been unconscious on my part!