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Portmeirion Flyovers

Well, I was trying to get some nice maps working today, but you will have to settle for one that is a flyover type. There are some details that this GIF does not show (not to mention the Secret Tunnel Passages layer and @iamTalkyTina Hideouts maps that I was going to include) but they will […]

Saying Hello to Four New True Friends … And Goodbye to One

Well, I had a few alarms going off this week (as if the whole “Where is Number 2?” in The Village wasn’t enough) that made me think that I needed to check my Web Form to see if there were any new applicants to be a True Friend of me. Despite having an alert attached […]

Week Five: We’re Moving Now! (Video)

Well, hello there Friends! This will just be a short post while we get things sorted out here in The Green Dome. After the silence on Monday, I snuck into The Green Dome via a back way from my quarters. I found the place deserted! I’m still doing some investigative work to find out what […]

Announcing the Summer 2015 Village Festival !!

We are going to have a Summer 2015 Village Festival that will be just so much fun for all the Residents! I can let the word out now that one of the reasons I have been here in The Village this summer has been to organize a celebration of fun for all my ds106 Friends […]

Your Community Needs You

I in going through some old files here in my quarters within The Village, I found an old something from quite a few years back that I though my True Friends might be interested in. I have made a small number of references to some aspects of my history with The Village, and while I […]