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Wish you were here!: a #Prisoner106 design assignment

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Design Week in The Village kept me busy.  I took on the Postcards from a Magical Place (#363) assignment.  If I followed directions, I would’ve designed both the front AND back of a postcard.  I only designed the front.  Why design the back of a postcard from The Village when there is no outgoing mail here?

The Village is truly a magical place though.  I did my best to capture the majesty of the mountains, our inspired chess games, and our ever-present sentinel, Rover.

Greetings from The Village

This version isn’t fit for The Village store, but some progress was made.  “The Village” doesn’t pop as much as I would like.  Actually, none of the text does, but that’s something to fix later.  Perhaps something like this:

Wish you were here!: a #Prisoner106 design assignment

vintage postcard

I used the Seaside Resort font for the smaller text and found the Vacation Postcard font for “The Village.”  However, I quickly discovered that I couldn’t fill that text with an image as I explained in this post.

Wish you were here!: a #Prisoner106 design assignment

Only the outline of the text would fill with the image

A more experienced GIMP/PhotoShop user may know how to get around the problem.  I couldn’t make it work despite the good suggestions left in the previous blog post.

This is what I did (I think):

1.  I opened the image of the chess scene

2.  I added the “Greetings from” and “Be seeing you” text layers and moved those around as needed.

3.  I added “The Villlage” text layer and rotated the text by going to layer > transform > rotate > arbitrary rotation.  I used -15 as the angle.

4.  I followed the steps in the “How to Create a Vintage Postcard in GIMP” tutorial for blurring “The Village” text in order to get a nice 3D effect.  I duplicated “The Village” text and then added a blur filter to the duplicated layer.  Activate the copy/duplicate and select filter > blur > motion blur.  I used a length of 20 and an angle of 205.

Wish you were here!: a #Prisoner106 design assignmentKeep making copies of the blurred layer until you have a nice 3D effect.  Then hide all but your blurred text layers.  When these are the only layers visible, right click them and select “merge visible layers.”

You can also select colors for your main text and the blurred text layer so that you can tell the two apart.

Wish you were here!: a #Prisoner106 design assignment5.  Add the image that should appear within your text.  Add an alpha channel to this image by right clicking the layer.

6.  Right click your main text layer.  Click “alpha to selection”

7.  Turn off your main text layer.

8.  Activate the image layer.  You’re now ready to delete everything outside of the text.  Go to Select > invert and then go to Edit > Cut.

(The screenshots below aren’t part of my actual project, which is why you don’t see all of the layers I had)

Wish you were here!: a #Prisoner106 design assignmentWish you were here!: a #Prisoner106 design assignment

Though the final product isn’t what I envisioned, I ended up learning a lot about GIMP.  Again, this “How to Create a Vintage Postcard in GIMP” Youtube tutorial was extremely helpful in the process.

I also found an easy explanation for adding image to text here.

Your Community Needs You

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I in going through some old files here in my quarters within The Village, I found an old something from quite a few years back that I though my True Friends might be interested in. I have made a small number of references to some aspects of my history with The Village, and while I cannot say too much, I have received permission to share the artifact with the Summer 2015 Residents, given that this is Design Week and all.

I hope that you enjoy seeing it, and trust that you will see that it is just me, your good old, trusty True Friend, in acting in a very positive, supportive role. Which is so important!

Be Seeing You!

Week Four: The Grand Design (Design)

"Welcome to Week Four" by the New New Number2

“Welcome to Week Four” by the New New Number2

You are having so much fun here in The Village! Thank you to all summer 2015 Residents for all of the energy you have been sharing this past week. Our group of merry Residents has so far produced 118 most excellent posts within a very short span of time, and we are just now only heading into Week Four. We have had some appearances of bizarre non-village creatures, visits to the hospital, interesting goings-on in the underground caverns beneath The Village, some recent work done on our site pages to include thumbnails and comment links,  and a couple changes of leadership in The Village.  Our thanks to the previous New Number 2 for his excellent leadership over the past two weeks. We wish him all the best and a well deserved rest. As your New New Number Two (as always, @ds106Number2), I look forward to working with you and The Committee.

And so, on with Week Four!

Week Four: The Grand Design (Design)

The Episodes for Week Four are available in the Archive: It’s Your Funeral, A Change of Mind, and Hammer into Anvil.

Designs of the Village
Week 4 will be focused on Design. Choose a focus and explore it as reflected in The Village within the context of the times. You may wish to explore the village signage, or perhaps the village fashion, or the wonderful architecture, the sometimes bizarre technology, or the design and structure of the society. Or choose your own focus, tell us what it is and explore it from the perspective of Design.

For this week you will be ramping up your command of image editing as well as closely considering design elements such as color, font, iconography, etc. We will also be encouraging all residents to be clear about their sources of INFORMATION and ask that you document your sources carefully through appropriate attribution.

Please remember that there are a lot of useful resources in The ds106 Handbook. If you have not checked it out yet, please do. It has lost of good INFORMATION. This page also has a wealth of INFORMATION on design.

1. Take a Look at The Vignelli Canon:
The Vignelli Canon is a design resource that’s worth looking. It’s a short booklet by Massimo Vignelli, who was a superstar in the world of graphic design. The booklet is light on text and heavy on space and imagery, so it’s a quick read. His purpose in writing it was to share his knowledge for the benefit of other designers. As he says, “Creativity needs the support of knowledge to be able to perform at its best.” Vignelli did most of his work in the pre-Internet era, when graphic design meant ink on paper, so some of the information is not so relevant to our online environment, but the principles still stand. So take a look at it, and let us know what you think. Categorize your reflection post under Thoughts/Ideas and tag it “vignelli” (no quotes).

The Vignelli Canon

2. Complete a DesignBlitz:
To reinforce your understanding, you need to undertake a “Design Blitz.” Carry your camera with you this week and take photos of objects, ads, signs, etc. that illustrate at least four of the ten concepts listed below (one photo per concept). Refer to the DesignBlitz resources referenced above for more information about each of the concepts.

  • color
  • typography
  • metaphors/symbols
  • minimalism & use of space
  • form/function/message
  • balance
  • rhythm
  • proportion
  • dominance
  • unity

Share all your photos on Flickr and tag them designblitz; also make sure you write up a blog post sharing what you found and tag it “designblitz”. When you have completed your Blitz, write a blog post that includes (THAT MEANS EMBED!) the photos and your analysis of the design elements and what makes them effective or not. (You should do this in one single post.) Note: Sometimes we can learn just as much from badly designed things as we can from well-designed things!

3. DailyCreates:
Aim for 3 examples of The Daily Create again this week.

4. Design Assignments
Complete at least 12 Credit Units of Design Assignments from the Assignment Bank. If you like, you can substitute up to 2 Animated GIF Assignments for a design assignment, because GIFs.  Six of the twelve Credit Units must demonstrate some aspect of your time here in The Village.

  1. Complete one of:
    1. I Can Read Prisoner Episodes (Movies) cover: Select one of the episodes from weeks 1-4 and create a representative cover for a potential book version of the episode.
    2. The One Story /Four Icon Challenge: Select one of the episodes from weeks 1-4 and create a four-icon representation of the episode.
  2. At least one assignment you complete this week needs to be 4 stars or higher. It’s time to push yourself. A reasonable alternative is to complete a piece that incorporates two different assignments for a sum total of 4 or more Credit Units.

Each design assignment must be blogged and narrated with your process and thinking! Don’t forget to review @cogdog’s tips of how to write-up assignments like a pro. Remember, our lighting and air conditioning here in The Village is fueled by the energy you share through your write-ups. Don’t have your energy quota reduced for lack of sharing on your part. 

5. Copyright & Creative Commons
Be sure you are up to speed about Copyright & Creative Commons. Check out a couple of the following:

After reviewing these resources, please consider creating a blog post (tag: copyrightthoughts) about your own impression of copyright law, fair use doctrine, and the Creative Commons movement.

6. Do Your Weekly Summary
As in previous weeks, reflect upon your work throughout the week by writing a summary post. Remember, linking is right out! Embedding your work into your weekly summary is the only way to go! Keep the energy flowing within The Village.


Looking Ahead:

  • WEEK FIVE: Video
  • WEEK SIX: Radio
  • WEEK SEVEN: Project

In closing,

  1. Remember to support one another with positive, constructive commenting.
  2. Remember that our Radio Play organization doc is available to you and other Residents so you can be planning for Week Six. Check the message board on your door to see that you have received your personal invitation to view the document.
  3. As well, we would like to confirm your former address (before you arrived in The Village) so that your mail can be redirected to you here in your cottage. We want to ensure that you do not miss out on receiving any important posts or packets. Please add your former mailing address INFORMATION via our MAIL RE-DIRECT form. 
  4. Continue to tag your prisoner106 posts and #prisoner106 tweets so that your INFORMATION will remain within The Village. We do not want to lose any information. 

Until I see you around and about in The Village,

I remain,

Your most dedicated servant,

Number 2 (signed) (New New)