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Week Four: The Grand Design (Design)

You are having so much fun here in The Village! Thank you to all summer 2015 Residents for all of the energy you have been sharing this past week. Our group of merry Residents has so far produced 118 most excellent posts within a very short span of time, and we are just now only heading […]

Week Three: Be Seeing You (Visual)

If you are looking to maintain a cool bungalow, complete with running water, expected amenities, and electricity for your devices, please complete your 10 Work Units and your summary review of your week by Sunday midnight . #BeSeeingYou If you are needing to catch up or if you are just checking in, you can get […]

Week Two: We’ll Be Hearing You (Audio)

Welcome! Welcome! I am your NEW jovial Number 2. It has been a most interesting week here in The Village. We have had a good number of new Residents fill in their Village Information Cards (posted on the Residents page) and they have all been reviewed with great interest by The Committee. We have locked […]

Week One: Assimilation Week

We have been gather our numbers, marshalling our resources, and procuring information as we ramp up to a #prisoner106 #ds106 summer 2015 event. GIFs have been developed and shared, and a few of our number have already undergone an Arrival in The Village. Others will be joining us as they find there way here, or […]