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By: Mariana Funes

Heh! I have no idea why it is so compelling but it is…kind of like gif TV. What is next? A DS106 version of Giphy?

I can see it being great for backgrounds in film and animated gifs….also you can do a kind of pechagif with each frame at 20 seconds and then next one switches on…

Awesome anyway, even with no practical use whatever.

By: Mariana Funes

Interesting how we have our trails of interest….such a lot of work, yet the look of combining frames your way is really special. I love the end result.

I wish I could get past the first hurdle and get Handbrake to work. I would love to be able to try the combine x number of images, I think there is something lovely and uniquely digital about this kind of art. Kind of what Brett Victor says about using the tool not just to make art we make physically but also looking to use it in native ways – I think your art does that.