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YES! I was wondering how long it would take you to add sound to one of them.

It does make a difference doesn’t it?

Looks like you may have done a can-can of sorts yourself – that leg action looks pretty much on target with the circling of the toe. πŸ™‚

Transitions, wrap ups, and beginnings!

August: – time for wrapping up the short summer and bringing projects to completion. -time for family and making memories with visits and activities. -time to panic about not being ready for the new adventures of fall -AHHHH!!! So much going on and all fun and important! As family is arriving for visits – I … Read more

Change of Seasons – Switching up and Radio

Wow – where did the summer go? Burgeron106 is being hit by a hurricane! The Village is without a number 2 and the Philosopher – Christina Hendricks,  has pulled things together for the group left in the Village. The new UMW students are gearing up for #ds106tales and digital storytelling 106. As a transition from the holiday … Read more

Not a Hulk- but a Hunk! Giffing #6 B Cing U

Working on GIFs again during this week of self directed learning. I have been wanting to figure out how to put two layers of action going on and sound. I also was very impressed with the Hulk GIF by Jim Groom and wanted to figure out how to do one similar – but not quite … Read more

Odd Week but reflection shows results in #106 Villages

I haven’t been consistent with weekly summaries. Many of the #ds106 “advice” posts are to start the summary early in the week and add to it instead of waiting until the last day. VERY GOOD ADVICE! Giving it a go this week….and when done realized I had a productive week even though while going through … Read more