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Hi Alan,
Thanks, some really cheap code in there, I’ll sort it out.
On the upside, I have a user;-)

By: John

Thanks for the continued interest:)
The easiest way to get them all the same size is to just keep clicking until you get some the ratio. I am just grabbing the medium size that Flickr supplies at the moment.

<s>I guess once an image is dropped into the list I could filter the subsequent searches by only showing if they have same ratio. Might be very limiting given this is a pretty crude tool and only grabs 200 photos for a word, might slow things down a bit?
Or have the images in the final show ‘crop’ to the smallest size, letter boxing the biggest. Food for thought. The jumping about is certainly off putting at the moment. </s> <strong>I’ve updated the code to either align the images or to ‘letterbox’ them. I’ll update the post in a while.</strong>

As to adding audio to gifs the same sort of process would work. Scrip to show a static image would swap out for a gif when clicked and then play a sound (gif and audio preloaded).

The wonderful thing about is that they provide both mp3 and of versions of uploaded files making playing the audio on most modern browsers easy.

Giffing Around

It is the ds106 GIFfest. This one might fit ds106 Assignments: I’ll Love You Forever.     From La Dolce Vita and while I am at it:

By: John

Thanks Chad, not sure the ‘wee kids license’ is official;-)
Its been 3-4 years since I’ve had a class now. I think they, like me, explain CC with difficulty;-)

By: John

I put in the css as an example. (perhaps I should have mentioned that.)