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The Resignment Village

I’ve settled down in my apartment now. Poking around in different corners I found some old photos of the Village, I’ve put them on the corkboard in the kitchen. I suspect they were taken by a previous resident, the photos look quite old, maybe 40 or 50 years I’d guess, quite instagram. Some information: If […]

We don’t need no general education

  Interesting happenings in the village this week, there seem to be a lot of ‘learning’ going on. As I watch number six get into trouble I am thinking my decision to be less confronting was a good idea. However this episode is taking the committee well inside my wheelhouse. Although I’ve not got number […]

Making some Adjustments

As I had to get up early this morning I though I might make good use of my time. I popped into the Village shop and bought a screwdriver. I wanted to have a closer look at the TV in my accommodation after last night’s blip. I also need to get some more credits and […]

Croaking a Good Morning

For week two of  prisoner106, one of the job we were asked to do was to take over the morning announcement for the Village for a day. Amid the recent disruptions I hope I can calm things down a bit. Here is mine: download good-morning Announcement trumpet ripped from video file with MPEGStreamclip Raven croaking recorded by […]

Adjusting the Set

As I’ve mentioned I’ve been mostly  keeping to my lodgings in The Village, not going out, thinking and dreaming. Sometimes when I am half awake, watch tv, strange things happen.   There might be a clue in this ds106 Assignments as to what is going on, and I guess that the RSS feed might need: […]