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Resigned: Scene Poster

Capture/Screenshot a scene from an episode of a TV show or a movie and try to make a poster for that episode or movie. Try to make it cool! Be creative! Making it suspense can be a good one! from: ds106 Assignments: Scene Poster   Methods: Export frames from episode with ffmpeg: ffmpeg -i ‘Hammer […]

Gifs begin where words leave off

A quick gif with audio. A warm up watching Hammer into Anvil. An interesting episode, no escape attempts but a moral crusade by Number 6 and a battle of minds with Number 2. More fist fights and physical action than most of the episodes so far, kosho looks like fun. Another ds106 Assignments: Animating #Prisoner106 for an […]

The Village Web Club

After all the commotion last night I was surprised to hear from the General this morning. She asked me to set up a new club. I was even more surprised to here the general taking over the morning announcements. You should be able to hear the talk by clicking the image above, in case you can’t […]

Week three in the village

It hardly seems any time at all since I arrived in the Village, the third week sped by. I’ve not done too weel in ticking off items in holiday itinerary. I did try, but got a bit distracted (more in a later post about that). I managed a few snaps for the photo safari. The […]

Behind the Cupboard, a Comic

After finding some old photos I dug around the apartment some more and found a page of an old comic: Something told me this was no ordinary comic, I sneaked into the General’s room and, with shaking fingers feed it into the machine:   As the paper emerged I grabbed it and turned it over: Despite the […]