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Well, if you are stuck in a rut just be glad that you’re are not stuck in a snow bank plus dead like that @olHatchetJack is.

I think those spinning and swinging GIFs are nice ones with blood-rich colorus, which adds to the effects.

But What Does It All Mean? What about that Prisoner made you resign? Plus, how long from your house to Portmerion? Did you go there? Or maybe a road trip to it with @dkernohan and @VivienRolfe or maybe @mdvfunes? Plus if I was in a suitcase?

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Well, John, you are probably asleep by the time you read this in the future where you live, but you are a real hero for submitting all those GIFs to help free @jimgroom.

You have received an official <a href=”//”” rel=”nofollow”>@jimgroom Animated GIF Hostage Event “Accepted GIF” badge</a>, which you can download from my website.

You have also received FIVE official <a href=”//”” rel=”nofollow”>@jimgroom Animated GIF Hostage Event “Extra GIF” badges</a>, which you can also download and display proudly on your website.

Thank you for your interest in the <a href=”//”” rel=”nofollow”>@jimgroom Animated GIF Hostage Event</a> and we hope that you will play again next time!

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Well, that sure is a silly infomercial thing, John. It looks like she is eating Q-tips or something. But it is a good GIF of a silly thing infomercial. Can you actually buy that thing? If you actually wanted it?
Well, bye!

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This is a nice picture because you are smiling at us before you lose your head. Plus it has the and a galaxy of possibilities coming out of your head. So those are all good things about ds106.
Plus, feeding your head is a good thing that…