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Being Number 2

Although I can’t say too much for reasons of contractual obligations and professional confidentiality, I have been asked by The Office to share a couple of audio resources which may serve as useful examples and resources for #prisoner106 folks who have arrived this summer in The Village.  Plus, this is Audio Week and all. The […]

It’s Another Beautiful Day, Here in The Village!!

A little bird told me that Week Two for #prisoner106 is going to be Audio Week, and that Number 2 wants folks to make a lot of nice Good Morning Announcement Messages to play on the loudspeakers every morning when people are getting up and doing their ablutions and toast and stuff.  So I decided […]

iamTalkyTina embeds in The Village

Well, hello there Friends. It will be such a nice time to be with you this summer in The Village here with ds106 Summer 2015 Edition. It was a happy time to see my old friend Rover when I got here and to know that she is back doing what she loves. It was […]

Rover is Ready For Her Close-Up, Mr. McGoohan

I fondly remember the first day I met Rover. I was taking a little walk on the beach during my first day in Portmeirion. The offshore breeze was beautiful and I was taking in the gulls and the flowers and the bull kelp when a sixth sense alerted me to the fact that I wasn’t alone. […]

By: iamTalkyTina

Well, it is always a fun time on a road trip. Plus, that is not a very far to get to The Village. It could be like a pilgrimage to go there and take photos that are actual BEFORE they get edits. And good that you won’t make me go in a suitcase.

I would like to investigate all of the stairs in The Village. You know, for fun and other professional reasons. Plus, Health and Safety, too.

It would be fun to stand on that beach there and yell into the sky, “I am NOT a number, I am #ds106!!!!!”

Is that 318 miles (miles?) like a bird, or in that car? Because windy roads are longer. And windy roads mess my hair, so I would wear a scarf. Or maybe a hat.

Plus, Then I would have a hat pin if we see Rover.