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Make a Design Assignment your True Friend

Well, I was looking in the Assignment Bank for some Design Assignments to do that I haven’t done before. And do you know what I found? There is a good number of created assignments that have 0 doers so far. So I was thinking that some village peoples might like to make a friend with an […]

Danny Was a Smooth Talker

I had all but forgotten this little gem until Geoff Cain (@geoffcain, on Twitter) triggered some memories this evening that had been pretty much buried in the muck of the sands of time. Geoff’s prisoner106 Book Cover “The Partridge Family #4 Meets The Prisoner” reminded me of the time back in the 70s when The Partridges were […]

Kaleidoscopic Hyperbolic iamTalkyTina

Your browser does not support the audio tag. Click on the GIF to hear me singing my song, “Kaleidoscopic Hyperbolic iamTalkyTina” !!! Here are the words so that you can sing along! Kaleidoscopic Hyperbolic iamTalkyTina Written and Performed by @iamTalkyTina sung to Supercalifragilisticexpialogocious CHORUS: Kaleidoscopic Hyperbolic iamTalkyTina Kaleidoscopic Hyperbolic iamTalkyTina Kaleidoscopic Hyperbolic iamTalkyTina Kaleidoscopic Hyperbolic […]

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Share a MOOC with Friends

Well, it was nice today when my True Friend Bill (@byzantiumbooks) called me on the Skype (because he seems to be in his bungalow a lot) and we shared a nice beverage and a nice chat. After that, because I wanted one that had Bill’s name on it like he had one that had my name, […]