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By: Alan Levine (@cogdog)

Crazy weird fun, and brilliant.

What is “internet explorer”? ;=)

By: Alan Levine (@cogdog)

I love this idea, trying to wrap my head around how it might work. It’s like a personal Daily Create whenever you want it.

The problem is the tendency is going to always be to reply to the bot. And you need to remember the hashtag.

The process might need a tweak. I could see where the prompt to get a response is any tweet with something like #IWantADailyCreate rather than just tweeting the account.

Then the response comes from the Bot with a prompt to reply to me with a #MyDailyCreate or something like that.

By: Alan Levine (@cogdog)

Prolific, way too much creativity stuffed in a single post. That video supercut is a gem– all the Barksdale Barking from one episode.

By: Alan Levine (@cogdog)

This is truly amazing… I am going to add this as a link to that TDC. Maybe we will repeat it down the line.

Serendipity in action!

By: Alan Levine (@cogdog)

Hi John,

looks like it needs some logic to parse the Writing TDCs- they come in with “0” for a tag/id/