The NEW Number 2 reviews the Village Information Cards" animatedGIF by @ds106Number2

The NEW Number 2 reviews the Village Information Cards” animatedGIF by @ds106Number2 (click to enlarge)

Welcome! Welcome! I am your NEW jovial Number 2.

It has been a most interesting week here in The Village. We have had a good number of new Residents fill in their Village Information Cards (posted on the Residents page) and they have all been reviewed with great interest by The Committee.

We have locked onto a number of feeds (now also listed in our sidebar to the right below the navigation menu) and are successfully sharing the INFORMATION from our Residents with the greater Global Village. Most of our Residents are using the tag prisoner106 as suggested from their individual bungalows to isolate their information for this purpose. Please remember to continue to tag your posts appropriately so that they remain on our radar. It has been most pleasing to know that our Village Registrar has been able to sort the various posts coming out of the familial Burgeron bungalow — despite the fact that there are four authors squished into the same lodging and using the same URL, our FeedWordPress technology has been humming along wonderfully, getting them all, but recognizing them as coming from different authors. In addition, each Village Information Card on the Residents’ page serves as a link to each Resident’s author index of posts on That’s just another way provided here in The Village to help you to get at the INFORMATION.

There has been some interesting discussion by Mariana, John, and Andrew regarding the order of the episodes. Research will show that there has been a considerable degree of discussion over the years as to what the optimal viewing order of the 17 episodes (not 7, not 26, but 17) should be. In selecting our first 3 episodes (Arrival, Free for All, Dance of the Dead), The Committee sought to reflect three episodes which are both seen as being core to the overarching story and reflect an “early” appearance in the original shooting order. There is has also been some interesting discussion regarding 6+1=7. You may wish to ferret it out and ponder.

Now that the activities from our Assimilation Week ONE are out of the way (for most — we are leaving the electricity on for those few who moved into their Bungalows in early June but from whom we have not recently heard), we can present our suggested agenda of events for all residents so that we can all relax and enjoy the remaining SIX weeks of our holiday.

WEEK ONE (Assimilation Week) has come and gone.

If you missed it, you can get up to speed by reading Week One, Assimilation Week, written and presented by my oh-so-dreary predecessor, the former Number 2.)


<insert Week Two video from the NEW Number 2 here>

This Week’s Episodes are The Chimes of Big Ben, then A, B, and C, and finally, The Schizoid Man. Enjoy!

We will dig into the ds106 Assignment Bank (Audio assignments) and work on developing/honing our skills with audio. We would like to encourage Residents to earn at least 10 Credit Units each week. Please note that will need to keep tally yourself (you may wish to document that for us in your weekly summary post). Our Village Registrar is on holiday just like you, and is trusting you to keep generating those units to keep The Village electricity up and flowing out to each bungalow.

As well, all Residents are invited this week to start to think about collaborating with up to three other residents to form a group that will start to work towards a WEEK SIX radio project. You will need to decide on a group name and RESIGN A DIFFERENT WAY  to let us know who is collaborating with whom. We are encouraging all Residents of The Village to be Collaborators. We have on the order of 16 Residents — that allows for four groups of four — or three groups of five if it makes more sense to go that way. Please just make sure that everyone has an opportunity to be included in a group! You do not need to to all of your planning now, but you may like to keep an ear out for audio resources (sound clips, music) in the coming weeks that you might find useful in your WEEK SIX project.

  1. This week we will dig into audio storytelling.
    That goes beyond the words and tone of voice to include sound effects, background noise and music. We will be asking you to consider how these subliminal elements impact the story. How do audio elements such as sound effects, background noise and music work to aid in the storytelling within The Village? We will also begin experimenting with audio production. We strongly recommend Audacity, a free and open source audio-editing program, further details below. If you have access to and experience with a different audio editing system, you are free to use it instead.  Check out these ds106 Audio Resources pages which include information that will help you complete the week’s assignments.

    1. Layering Sounds in Audacity
    2. Introduction to Audio – Listening First (a detailed collection of links to allow you to explore the use of audio in depth)
    3. What is Foley Sound? by SoundIdeas (YouTube)
  2. Think about Audio Storytelling:
    Write a blog post discussing audio in storytelling, the way audio is used in film/video, and the use of audio in The Prisoner. Consider what we watched and listened to this week and in the previous week. How does sound drive stories? How does it impact mood and create atmosphere? Use specific examples and embed them in your post.
  3. “Good Morning Message for The Village” (2 Credit Units)
    Create a “Good Morning” message for the Village  that could be broadcast over the PA and bungalow radios in The Village. There are examples in most the episodes if you listen for them. (We have also been playing some on the website.) This should be saved as an MP3 file, and then upload it to SoundCloud. Make sure in Soundcloud that you enable to option to allow downloads (so we can add it to the site.) Your audio must be embedded in your blog post summary of this assignment. You can embed Soundcloud audio — you can find the embed code under the Share button. You can also try putting the plain text URL on its own line, and when you publish, WordPress will create a player to allow visitors to listen. The “Good Morning Message for the Village” in now an assignment in the Assignment Bank (so you should tag your blog post correctly when you’re done. It will count for 2 of your 10 Credit Units for the week.
  4. Do the  Sound Effects Story Assignment (3 Credit Units): AudioAssignments70
    This is a challenge to tell a short story (no longer than 90 seconds) using nothing but sound effects! When completing this assignment, you must make the story in some way related to your role or your time here in The Village. We highly recommend using to find free sound effects for this project. (You may also find it valuable to make use of some audio that you capture from your viewing of this week’s episodes.) When you blog this assignment, tag it with AudioAssignments and AudioAssignments70 so that it can be aggregated onto the assignment page.
  5. Complete a total of  10 Credit Units of Assignments
    Complete a total of  10 Credit Units of Assignments from the Audio category in the Assignment Bank (2+3, earned for #3 and #4 above, plus your choice of a sum of 5 more). Note that in the ds106 Assignment Bank, Credit Units are denoted by the “star” symbol.  Make sure all your completed audio assignments are uploaded to SoundCloud, and write up a post for each assignment in which you embed that audio from SoundCloud.
  6. Complete 2 Daily Creates:
    Please complete and correctly tag at least two daily creates this week. Make sure you also blog your TDCs.
  7. Weekly Post
    You all know what this is. And it is due by Sunday midnight. Keep earning your Credit Units and keep the lights on in The Village!

Looking ahead after week two:

  • WEEK THREE: Visual
  • WEEK FOUR: Design
  • WEEK FIVE: Video
  • WEEK SIX: Following on the tried and true ds106 group RADIO project, The Committee would like to encourage Residents to collaborate on an audio project that would be shared on #ds106radio as part of a live broadcast. We would also hope that members of each group might consider being part of a live discussion to occur prior to or following the segment broadcast. Given that this project frequently takes time to coordinate, develop, and produce, we will take some time in WEEK TWO to get this underway.
  • WEEK SEVEN: We would like the final week to allow you to explore any and all media types in the form of some kind of multi-modal culminating project. This can be either an individual or a group effort.

    And of course, you can make GIFs anytime you like!  The more GIFs, the GIFfier!

A few important reminders:

  • You must to be actively participating in Twitter to be participating in The Village. If you’re not on Twitter, you’re missing important INFORMATION. You need INFORMATION.
  • You should be watching the weekly videos in full and reading these intro posts in their entirety every week. If you’re not, you’re missing important INFORMATION. You need INFORMATION.
  • Be sure to follow the work of your fellow Residents and let them know what you like and what you are learning from their work. Comment, comment, comment! All of your comments are valuable INFORMATION. Your fellow Residents need INFORMATION.  INFORMATION WANTS TO BE FREE! • ds106 Resource on Constructive Commenting


Yours, in The Village,

Number 2 (signed)