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Week One: Assimilation Week and Week Two: We’ll Be Hearing You (Audio)


This week’s episodes are The General and Many Happy Returns. They are both available in The Archive.

This week we change directions and start thinking about how we use visual elements to capture meaning and tell stories. We’ll be doing some work with photography and we’ll ask you to review some resources about improving your photography (and being more thoughtful about what you take pictures of). We’ll also be pulling the Cold War thread into the week, asking you to think about how we can reflect some of the aesthetic of the 60s, the Cold War, and Spies in our visual stories and as it pertains to our holiday here in The Village.

  1. Think about the Visuals of Storytelling:
    Review the following materials about photography and using visual elements to create stories. Write a post (tag: photoreflection) about your previous/current experience with photography. Do you take a lot of photos now? What of? Do you have a particular approach to taking photos? Do you ever work to capture a particular feeling or meaning in your photos? If so, how successful do you think you are? After reviewing these resources, what tactics can you use to improve your photos or to take a different approach to taking photos.

    1. Becoming a Better Photographer (section from the ds106 Handbook)
    2. Storytelling & Visual Literacy, Jason Eskenazi (6:36 minute video)
    3. 8 Magical Methods for Adding Mood to your Photos
  2. The Prisoner’s Antecedents and Contemporaries
    Check out two or three of the following videos that attempt to summarize the prevalence of “Spy/Cold War” television in the 60s. Write a post reflecting your prior experience with this type of fiction (if any) and how you relate The Prisoner to your previous experiences. What common themes might you see in this genre? What does The Prisoner bring to the table?

    1. The Greatest Spy TV Shows of the Cold War Era
    2. Top 10 Secret Agent Series From The Sixties
    3. The Best Spy TV Shows of the 1960S!
    4. TV Spies, Cops and Detectives of the 1960s
    5. Top 10 Decade Defining TV Shows: 1960s
    6. TV’s Spy Show Craze of the 60s
  3. Complete a Photo Safari
    Take a series of pictures this week and attempt to capture at least five of the following themes (tag:prisonersafari):

    1. imprisonment
    2. freedom/liberty
    3. identity
    4. authority
    5. rebellion
    6. isolation
    7. information
    8. education
      Bonus points (no not really) if you can evoke these concepts within photos that have an everyday “village” setting or somehow make reference to The Prisoner or The Prisoner’s various dilemmas.
  4. The Daily Create:
    Complete three of The Daily Create challenges this week. Make sure you’re tagging them correctly.
  5. Visual Assignments:
    Complete at least 10 Credit Units of Visual Assignments from the Assignment Bank, with least five of the credits on assignments that are dedicated to your adventures in The Village. Additionally, you will be required to do the “Animating the Prisoner” GIF assignment (2 Credit Units) from on of this week’s episodes (this counts toward your 10 point total). Make sure you’re tagging your assignments correctly. Our Village Registrar is working to ensure that our work is being fed into the Assignment Bank collective. We should have this up and running shortly.
  6. Re-Organize Your Blog?
    As you start to write more and more posts for the different genres of assignments we’re doing, your site is going to have a lot of content. If you do not yet have this established on your blog, make some time to set up categories for your posts so that you (and others) can easily filter and find your work. Here is a recommended category structure you can use (feel free to modify/expand as you like:

    1. Assignments
    2. Daily Create
    3. Thoughts and Ideas
    4. Weekly Summaries
    5. Best Work
    6. Radio Show
    7. Final ProjectNow create these additional sub-categories and set the Parent to be 1. Assignments:
      1. Writing (be sure to go back and categorize your old posts!)
      2. Visual
      3. Design
      4. Audio
      5. Video
      6. Web
      7. Mashup/Remix
      8. Animated GIF

Note: If you’re using your blog for other things besides this class, you likely already have an overarching category for all of these of “ds106” posts, as well as a tag for “prisoner106.”

Check out the Categories tutorial in the ds106 Handbook under “WordPress Help.”

Looking ahead after week three:

  • WEEK FOUR: Design
  • WEEK FIVE: Video
  • WEEK SIX: Following on the tried and true ds106 group RADIO project, The Committee would like to encourage Residents to collaborate on an audio project that would be shared on #ds106radio as part of a live broadcast. We would also hope that members of each group might consider being part of a live discussion to occur prior to or following the segment broadcast. Have you determined who you will work with and started to add your group information to the doc?
  • WEEK SEVEN: We would like the final week to allow you to explore any and all media types in the form of some kind of multi-modal culminating project. This can be either an individual or a group effort.And of course, you can make GIFs anytime you like!  The more GIFs, the GIFfier!

A few important reminders:

  • Please tag your assignments according to the methodology of ds106 — use both the assignment category AND the assignments assigned category number. Our registrar is sorting out our INFORMATION pathways back to the Central Assignment Bank so that your work will be reflected there.
  • Keep track of the various bits of INFORMATION that are floating around. Tag your tweets and follow #prisoner106 on Twitter.
  • INFORMATION WANTS TO BE FREE! Keep up to date on all of the sharing that your fellow residents are sharing! Comment on their posts! Riff on their work! • ds106 Resource on Constructive Commenting


Yours, in The Village,

Number 2 (signed)