Well, hello there Friends! This will just be a short post while we get things sorted out here in The Green Dome.

After the silence on Monday, I snuck into The Green Dome via a back way from my quarters. I found the place deserted! I’m still doing some investigative work to find out what is up, but in the meantime, please know that The Village remains a functioning and FUN place for you to spend your Summer 2015 ds106 time.  I will share more as I know more. (Rest assured, I have undertaken this role more than once in the past, and I am well versed in the operations and running of this wonderful little place!)

Week Five: We’re Moving Now! (Video)

This week’s episodes have been posted to the Archive. We are watching Checkmate, Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, and Living in Harmony. Plus this great poem about the importance of The Oxford Comma

Bill (@byzantiumbooks) was a good True Friend to our Community when he made a tweet to give peoples some instructions about Video:

Thanks, Bill!

So here is a little plan to get you started.

  1. Read Reading Movies
  2. Make a Campaign Video to Nominate A Number Two, in case we need to elect our own for next week.  Will it be You?
  3. Do Video Assignments (12 credit units)
  4. Prep for Next Week: Are you signed up for next week’s Radio week? Do you have a group? Did you even read the email? Contact me directly at @iamTalkyTina if you need help.
  5. Make more GIFs, like Bill and Kathy already did. (Kathy says that was nice to relax yesterday in The Village. By making GIFs!)
  6. Comment on peoples Art.
  7. Sign up to be a True Friend of ME, if you aren’t one already!
  8. Plus, look for UNCLE Jim and Mr. Paul, who were here in The Village way back but must be locked in their cottages or something. Plus, where is Geoff?

It is always a FUN TIME here in The Village, as long as you make your own fun! Or other people will make it fun for you! 

Be Seeing You, Friends!

True Friend, Resident, and Itinerant-in-Charge
The Village