We have been gather our numbers, marshalling our resources, and procuring information as we ramp up to a #prisoner106 #ds106 summer 2015 event. GIFs have been developed and shared, and a few of our number have already undergone an Arrival in The Village. Others will be joining us as they find there way here, or as they are encouraged to join us. Have YOU Resigned to Arrive?

Week One: Assimilation Week

June 29th/15 – July 5th/15

All holiday diversions for this week will be wrapped up by midnight on July 5th/15. Failure to meet this deadline will require that we turn off the electricity to your bungalow. You have been warned.

The first week of our summer getaway is dedicated helping you to find your way around The Village:

  • to ensure that you have settled yourself into your bungalow (likely WordPress);
  • to ensure that your services are established (social media accounts such as Twitter, Flickr, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.); and
  • to allow you circulate in The Village to introduce yourself to your Fellow Residents (via introductory posts, tweets, photos, video, audio, and comments on their own posts).

In addition, we’ll be using this week to get re-acquainted the Lay of The Land, the Local Climate, and some of the Basic Tenets behind 1968 cult SpyFi series, The Prisoner.

Welcome to Week 1 of Prisoner106. The first thing you should do this week (and every week) is watch the video (above). In it, Number 2 will lay out a plan for the week. Note that this is not Number 2’s Plan, it is Your Plan. Follow Your Plan and All Will Be Well. These videos are a vital resource for you and you should never skip them! We cannot emphasize this enough. If you try to rely on just the list below of what you need to complete, there is a good chance you will get confused or miss out on important tips and vital INFORMATION!

Below is a detailed list of what is to be completed this week.

  1. Review the Itinerary
    You need to spend some time reading and familiarizing yourself with the Itinerary for your holiday here in The Village. If you are a longstanding Resident, then you likely have a sense of what is involved. If you are a newly arrived Resident, this little adventure will likely be full of a number of new challenges. The Itinerary is your holiday guide for understanding the workings of The Village and what your activities will entail. The Committee is expecting you to read and review it and then email us or send us a message via Twitter with any questions you may have. In next week’s video, we’ll answer those questions. If you have immediate concerns about the Itinerary that can’t wait until then, just email Number 2 directly and The Committee will work with you to answer your questions to their satisfaction.
  2. Check In
    Visit The Office and pick up any supplies which you may need. Additional supplies and resources may be available here as your holiday extends. Check periodically.
  3. Move In
    Ensure that you have a blog site is up and running, and that we are receiving your feed within the aggregate flow. You should be tagging all posts for this little holiday with the tag prisoner106.   If you do not have a blog established, we will share with you that WordPress is a favourite of Individuals everywhere. INFORMATION about installing WordPress is here. Contact us in The Office if you need any support in this area. This set of WordPress resources are good to keep handy.
  4. Confirm your Resignation
    Once your blog is available on the web (it should be almost immediate), ensure that you have Resigned to join us in The Village. You MUST do this in order for everyone to see the posts you’ll be writing for the class. Rover is good, but we do not want you to sneak by unnoticed. Be sure you are Resigned. You may wish to post a badge (available in The Office) to your blog at this time.
  5. Get an Avatar
    1. You will need to select or create an “avatar” for yourself. This is an icon or image that can represent you online (it need not be your face). This should preferably be a square image.
    2. Create a “gravatar” for yourself at using the email address you most likely will use while in The Village (and keep in mind you can associate your gravatar with several email accounts). Many sites (such as our site) will automatically use this image as your avatar.
  6. Set up Your Social Media
    Create accounts and fill out profiles for yourself (if any of these let you set an avatar, use the same icon as you set up on Gravatar) on:

    1. Flickr (photo sharing)
      If you are new to Flickr or have no images in your account, you MUST post at least 5 images to your flickr account right away (they can be whatever you want); Flickr may not verify and make your account public until there are 5 images there. When you upload your photos, tag them with prisoner106 and ds106. Get in the habit of doing this!
    2. Soundcloud (audio publishing)
      Set up an account if you don’t already have one.
    3. Google / Youtube (video sharing)
      If you have a Gmail account, you are already set with this. If not create a Google account. This is what will allow you to join any synchronous video discussions we have (in Google Hangout) and gives you access to YouTube.
    4. Vimeo (video sharing)
      Alternatively, if you don’t want to (or can’t) get a YouTube account (like @jimgroom), feel free to use Vimeo for your videos.
    5. Twitter
      Twitter is one of the main channels for communication here during your Summer 2015 #ds106 #prisoner106 stay here in The Village. If you already have an account for personal purposes, you are welcome to use it or create a new account for communication related to this class. Make sure you customize your profile! Send your first message of greeting and be sure to use the #prisoner106 hashtag  (and also #ds106, if you have room) in your tweets. Learn how to search on the #prisoner106 and #ds106 hashtags.
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Now that you have all your accounts, it’s time to use them to introduce yourself to the class. Use Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Flickr to introduce yourself to your Fellow Residents, and be creative. Once you’ve done that, you need to embed them all into a WordPress blog post. Here are some tips for embedding media in WordPress
  8. Village Information Card:
    If you are ready, complete and fill out your Village Information Card. A blank card is available from The Office. You can share it (full size 1024×650) on your Flickr, and embed it in your introductory post, and we will add it to our page of Residents. (You can see a few there already!) If you are still finding your way around image editing, you can hold off submitting your card until we cover that next week.

Are you exhausted yet? There a lot more still. Why spend your week sitting alone in your bungalow when The Village has so much to offer? Greet each new day with the rising sun and explore! If you wait until the weekend to do your all work you will be crushed!

  1. Explore
    Dig into the backstory of The Prisoner.
    We’ll be using The Prisoner as a storytelling context for this Summer 2015 #ds106 playspace. This week, we’ll begin by watching three episodes of The Prisoner: Arrival, Free for All, and Dance of The Dead.  All three episodes are available for viewing in The Archive.
  2. Episode Order
    Recognize that there is considerable controversy regarding the “proper sequence” for viewing the 17 episodes. This may become a question for discussion amongst ourselves as we explore the themes of the series and the nature of a narrative. What themes emerge from these three episodes? What questions does the series raise if we look at these three episodes as introduction?
  3. Suggest Some Related Peripheral Media
    After completing the 3 viewings, consider suggesting media that you think might augment the series and promote enjoyment and understanding for your fellow Residents. Think about the decade (mid-late 60s), the politics and media of the time, and major issues that were at play. Please write about them on your blog. We are also gathering a collection of related resources.
  4. Extended Viewing
    The following pieces might be interesting to watch while you are just settling into The Village:

    1. The Prisoner (2009) Consider watching the first episode of the 2009 remake, also titled Arrival. (It is included in the Archive.)
    2. Wayward Pines (2015): Consider watching the first episode of the 2014 series Wayward Pines: Where Paradise is Home. (A trailer is posted in the Archive, you will have to dig to find the series as it is still in first run and may be available online in your area. It is also in the iTunes store.)
  5. Write your Weekly Summary
    You’ll be completing these summary posts on your blog every week. These posts are REALLY important. We use them to establish your Credit Unit allocation each week, so you need to link to other posts you’ve written, embed media you’ve created, and narrate the process of learning that you went through this week. (Remember, we debit your Credit Units to cover the costs of your food and lodging while in The Village. And your electricity.)

    1. This week, write a post that shares your reflections on the first week and your impressions of The Village.
    2. What did you learn?
    3. What was harder than you thought it would be? What was easier?
    4. What drove you crazy? Why? What did you really enjoy? Why?
    5. How does any of this help you to enjoy your stay in The Village and help you Assimilate into Our Little Community?
    6. What Big Questions are you exploring as a result of your First Week here in The Village?

The Nature of our Community is such that we will each likely Become Imprisoned by our Own Answers. It is only that by Sharing Widely we can Free Every One! Get out and join in this wonderful holiday learning experience! Remember, you are here #4life!


Yours, in The Village

Number 2 (signed)